Passport AR is a customizable, story-driven augmented reality experience made for brands. It's designed to meet the needs of festivals, conventions, retail and tourism through an engaging interactive adventure.


Simply, it's a choose-your-own adventure for your audience to discover your brand's story.

WHY create a Story World

Story worlds act as a centrifugal force, pulling people into your story from the platforms where they spend their time, consolidating your PR, digital and social communications in one place, with one set of data that applies across platforms.


They facilitate reaching your brand's target audience by accumulating behavioural data that is consistent within the narrative.


Story worlds allow you to capitalize your money spent, because part of what you're buying is an app that can be used again.



Based on nurturing a participatory environment, companies increase retention, while improving online efficiencies on the client support and PR fronts.


Your audience makes a solid connection to your brand through shared experience.


Immersive experiences promote organic sharing of easily repeatable moments of surprise and delight.


Say hello to behavioural data

Big Data is to strategic decision making what instant replays are to sports coaching. It's the information you need for decision-making, presented in a clear fashion and is key to navigating your future. Big data lets you:


Consolidate your existing social media audience data and community messaging elements, allowing you to grow the distinctive aspects of present and target markets.


Make use of the data already available for free, to design custom filters and monitors and thus create more sophisticated data sets tailored to your strategies. Produce market intelligence, including analyzing behavioural patterns, giving your company reliable data over time.



of millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying a new object.

- Eventbrite: Millenials - Fueling the Experience Economy


this is how we do it

We built a process and development framework that caters specifically to the needs of festivals, conventions, retail and tourism.


This minimizes the development time of all of our augmented reality experience apps by allowing us to white label them based on specific client requirements.


in as little as 30 days!

Use the buttons at right to download our app on your mobile device.

Click on the blue AR+ button to open the AR trigger images. Notice each image has an icon beside it.

Inside the app, press the button that matches the image icon.

Point your phone at the image. Enjoy.


To get an idea of our fuller story experience, check out this demo.


download the *no campfire required augmented reality demo app on the Google Play Store
open the album of images to trigger the augmented reality elements in *no campfire required's augmented reality demo

Passport AR caters to the desire for shared experience and


*no campfire required's augmented reality demo mobile app


Passport AR is made by *no campfire required. We are a story partnership passionate about creating a space for humans to connect with each other through shared experience. We make interactive stories, designing both the immersive experiences and the best of the technology behind them.


Our story experiences can happen once or be infinitely replayed. Audiences can find them online or in real life or both. They’re special because they’re customized, and because everything is built with audience interaction in mind.


We are *no campfire required because we create an alternative setting to the campfires of old. The asterisk in *no campfire required marks us as just a little bit different. We’re that key detail that you don’t want to forget, that just makes everything a little more intriguing. If you take a step back, the asterisk is also a view from above of the story circle that used to gather around a campfire. We wanted to make sure the circle was still there, despite there being no campfire required.


the team

Our team is as diverse as the stories we tell. We speak English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and Spanish. We are from Canada, Switzerland, Brazil and Australia.


But we're all passionate, we are all storytellers and we all can't wait to make you the perfect experience.


SOME OF *no campfire required's PREVIOUS CLIENTS

University of Toronto - one of *no campfire required's  previous clients
Colliers International - one of *no campfire required's  previous clients
Bell - one of *no campfire required's  previous clients
Ryerson University - one of *no campfire required's  previous clients
Toronto Public Library - one of *no campfire required's  previous clients
Geektropolis - one of *no campfire required's  previous clients


Want to know more?

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Toronto: 416.896.7076

Montreal: 514.781.1117

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Passport AR - *no campfire required's customizable, story-driven augmented reality experience solution for brands.